Gladstreams Bible School

Using a newly created Cinema Classroom, Gladstreams Centre, Springburn, (located in Springburn AOG Church ) is pleased to offer an opportunity for those interested in a comprehensive study of the Content of the Bible and the issues emerging from it in a Non-Denominational Supported Christian Setting.

Free & Flexible – Each Bible Book –  Covered in a Comprehensive Content Course

By the end of this course the student will have a fuller appreciation and knowledge of the content, chronology, circumstance, claims and challenge of the record and teaching of the Christian Bible.

A Certificate confirming completion of the Course will be awarded to those who succesfully cover the modules

There are no exams or assignments.

The lectures and introductions will give a roadmap through each Bible Book.

Students are expected to supplement lectures with Planned Personal Bible Reading before the next class.

The student will  read the whole Bible with greater insight and understanding

Foundational Bible Content Course ( 60 lessons)
Road-mapped study of every Book of the Bible in 1 academic year ( 60 lessons)
or 2 academic years (30 lessons per year) or longer if required.
Uses classic Video Bible Teacher lectures and illustrated Bible Book Introduction films.
Launches Thursday October 5th 2019 and runs until May 2020. (Limited number of places)
Students can attend on Thursdays and/or Mondays in a 1/or 2 year(s) course
Year 2 begins October 2020. (Course becomes a rolling program)
Handout & Notes given out with Seminar and Question times at each lesson)
Runs on Thursdays 10.30am until 12.30pm (Lesson 1 to 30)
Runs on Mondays 10.30am until 12.30pm (Lesson 31 to 60)
Tea & coffee is available from 10.00am and light lunch from 12.30pm
Course is free but enrolment is required (Place numbers are limited)

           If you would be interested in doing this course but are unable to attend on Monday or Thursday morning
please let us know and advise us when would be a suitable time for you. Use the contact page
If Mornings don't suit please let us know

Q: Why is this course being run?

A: Many Christians struggle with proper Bible study and study it in a disconnected fashion.
This course is to help those new to or interested in the Christian faith develop a proper appreciation and knowledge of the greatest book in the world.

Q: Why is it free?

A: We do not have to pay lecturers. We use freely available Bible introduction video recorded lectures given by internationally acclaimed Bible teacher David Pawson & superb detailed Bible introduction materials from the Bible Project as a basis for studying each book. Open discussion sessions will augment the presentations to widen the understanding and questioning provoked. Trained Volunteer Christians with a mature understanding of the Bible will be present to respond to alternative and additional responses to issues raised in the study.

Q:Is there no charge whatsoever to students?

A:Gladstream Centre is provided free of charge and volunteers give their time free of charge. There are some costs in providing handouts and in providing tea & coffee etc plus heat and light costs. It is suggested that those who are able to do so donate £1.00 in the donation box at each lesson to offset these costs incurred but this is entirely voluntary and is not a requirement of being enrolled or attending the course.
There will be a donation box in the classroom for those who are able and wish to support in this way

Grow in Faith,
Make Friends,
Study the Bible with folks of like mind and grow as a Christian.
The "No Fees" Bible School